Why it’s Amazing Having a Caterer as a Mother

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Why It’s Amazing Having a Caterer as a Mother

I live across the country from my family. It takes three planes to get to North Bay and likewise for my family to visit me in Nelson, BC.

When I told my parents that I was having a baby, my mother immediately booked two trips to come see me. One trip was three months before the arrival of her first grandaughter and the other was on the date my daughter was due.

During their first trip Dad caught nine rainbow trout! Mom consequently made delicious Foodie creations each night with all of the fish. I can thank the omega 3 fatty acids that I consumed during my pregnancy for my baby’s brilliance! *Cough* Parent bragging *Cough*

Mom came alone for the second trip. My “ideal birth” didn’t go as planned and I ended up having to schedule a Caesarean for a breach baby that wasn’t growing as planned. My new little family stayed in the hospital four days longer than expected. The Nelson Hospital is an amazing hospital. The food is quite nice and the cooks are accommodating to every kind of diet.

Catered to in the Hospital

What the Nelson hospital didn’t have was my mother as chef. Every morning, afternoon and evening, she brought in meals that she knew would satiate both mine and Evan’s appetite. I’m VERY particular about what I eat and even more so when I’m nourishing a tiny human that means the world to me. That’s right, I had my hospital stay CATERED! Mom brought us Coconut Curry Squash Soup, a take on her famous Pumpkin Soup. The smells filled our room with the comfort of home. We had a supply of granola bars that were inspired by one of Mom’s favorite cook books; Whitewater Cooks  by Shelly Adams. (I’m so glad I gave Mom Shelly’s two cook books for Christmas!)

Not only did she bring meals into the hospital, but we had prepared meals every night for a week afterward. When she left we found meals prepared in the freezer that we could warm in the oven. My mother was there to cook meals for Evan and I during a time when we experienced the biggest adjustment of our life. I’m grateful she came out to visit and help out when she did. If mom hadn’t helped in that way, I’m sure our meals would have been basic and uninspiring.

 Gift Ideas for a new Mom

I highly recommend a baby shower gift of a Savoir Faire Catering gift card to any expecting women. The gift of having a few days worth of prepared meals ready in the fridge or freezer during this special time is unrivalled. My mother knows the importance of proper nutrition; she’s creative with delicious, healthy meals for healing mommas.

The love for good food was shared by my mother while I was growing up and it’s a love that I’ll pass on to my daughter, Winter.


Love and food

Love and food

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