Hello Spring Weather!

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Maple Syrup

Hello Spring Weather Maple Syrup Production

Hello Spring Weather – Savoir Faire Catering North Bay Welcomes SPRING

A Change in Weather!

YAY! The weather forecast is predicting some warmer weather this week in North Bay. We welcome and say; “hello spring weather” with a flurry of activity. Everyone begins to feel that rush of excitement when temperatures begin to climb, the sun is out, and the first robin is heard, pots for maple syrup are being set out on trees. So many signs that spring is on it’s way.

With temperatures rising above zero, I am beginning to get excited about the farmer’s market! The North Bay Farmer’s Market starts May long weekend with a variety of vendors from vegetable farmers to artisans to face painters. Open Wednesdays from noon until 5p.m and Saturdays from 8:30 to 1:00p.m, the market is impossible to miss. The market runs all summer, rain, wind or shine until Thanksgiving weekend.

As a young mother with a very young child and another on the way, I get excited about outings that are fun for the entire family. The market is a PERFECT place for both baby and grandparents to have a blast at the same time.

Three reasons I believe markets are important:

Fresh is best!

Fresh, local produce tastes great and is nutritionally superior to heavily traveled produce.

Put Your Dollars Back Into Your Local Economy

Nothing tastes sweeter than fruit purchased directly from the people who were involved in it’s creation. Having the ability to support neighbours by purchasing their goods shows appreciation for their labor. I believe food that is grown and cooked with love and respect has a taste far beyond anything else. Spending money locally builds a strong economy and a strong community that invests in local causes.

Incredible Variety in One Spot

Markets tend to bring out people from all walks of life. Every person is unique and it shows through in their art. Regardless if there are ten vendors selling jewellery, no two vendors will be the same. Where else can you buy fresh garlic, heirloom tomatoes, a clock made from driftwood, handmade soap, salmon jerky and a gluten free cookie all in the same place? No where! Just a farmer’s market!

So mark May long weekend down on the calendar  and we’ll see you at the North Bay farmer’s market.


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