Easy chi chi chi chia seed pudding

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Chia seeds are an amazing superfood that aid in weight loss. They are a low calorie, nutrient dense seed packed with fiber and protein. Since this tiny seed is made  up of  healthy Omega 3 fatty acids (think salmon) they are an excellent food for our brain and skin. Because of thier antioxidant properties (cleaning up toxins from our bodies) this miracle food is said to have anti-aging effects. Chia seeds are an anti-inflammatory food aiding in injury recovery and skin problems. This recipe is so versatile that it can be used as a breakfast food, dessert or snack. Even toddlers love this recipe! The recipe can easily be adapted to hide some healthy vegetables that they may not otherwise eat!

The recipe:

1 cup of almond milk, milk or whichever milk alternative you would like

2 heaping tbs chia seeds (found in health food stores or bulk food stores)

1 full banana


Allow the seeds to soak in the almond milk for at least an hour. Soaking allows the seed to retain the liquid, become gelatinous and create a thick pudding. After the pudding has thickened, add a smushed banana. This recipe is the most basic chia seed pudding. I like to add organic berries when in season, coconut flakes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or my FAVORITE, 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.


Enjoy the recipe and the many health benefits associated.


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