Chocolate breakfast smoothie

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Healthy, chocolatey goodness

Healthy, chocolatey goodness

An easy way to stay healthy is to make delicious creations that are simple to create. This is a simple smoothie recipe that can be built on. I make this every morning using a magic bullet. Any blender or even food processor will work great as well!

The recipe:

1 frozen banana

1 tbs organic seed or nut butter

1 tbs raw cacao

cover with water or almond milk

blend ingredients and enjoy outside with a smile!

Raw chocolate. Did you know that chocolate is good for you? Raw cacao contains magnesium, a heart healthy mineral along with essential minerals such as calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper and potassium. Raw chocolate contains flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help remove free radicals that roam around our bodies from consuming toxins.

Frozen bananas are a simple treat to have in the freezer. They are less fibrous and creamier when blended than fresh bananas. Frozen bananas can be tossed in a food processor with vanilla, chocolate, coconut or any other ingredient you can think of to create a delicious  vegan ice cream. Get creative and put frozen bananas mixed with coconut milk in a frozen dairy free pie shell for a delicious, dairy free banana ice cream pie.

Organic seed and nut butters are a great ingredient to add to a smoothie for taste, thickness and health. A tablespoon of seed or nut butter is a sure way to add healthy fats and proteins to a smoothie to keep your energy stabilized for the morning.


Creative ingredients to add to a smoothie:

Dates- soak before adding to a blender so they blend easily. Remember to remove the pits unless they are pitted dates. My favorite dates are madjool dates. Dates are high in fiber, simple carbs and low in fat. They deliver electrolytes to the body to prevent muscle fatigue. Many tree planters snack on them for some quick and sustained energy.

Maca root powder – Another antioxidant that is also meant to be good for libido!

Spirulina powder- high in protein and amino acids. This algae, high in chlorophyll, helps remove toxins and boost the immune system.

Organic greens – An easy way to incorporate some raw greens into your day.





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