An Essential Key to Wellness

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 An Essential Key to Wellness

Are you feeling tired? Foggy? Constipated? Do you have a headache? Are you dreading the week ahead? I know of a miracle solution to fix everything!

An essential key to wellness, Drink more water it is an essential key to wellness!

Drinking clean water aids in digestion, makes skin look youthful, helps with fatigue, aids in weight loss and helps with mental clarity and well being.

How much water is enough?

The answer is different for everyone depending on activity, sex and age. The 8:8 rule can be followed by consuming 8, 8oz glasses a day. Another way to ensure adequate water intake is to drink enough water until your urine is clear.

Tips to drink more water:

1. Get a water bottle you love and bring it everywhere.

2. Place a large glass of water on your bedside table before bed to have available in the morning. Drinking water before breakfast and coffee helps to flush toxins from the body accumulated during the night’s rest.

3. Set a goal in the morning of how many glasses of water you would like to consume that day, make a checklist and put it in a visible place. Enjoy the process of checking off each glass you consume!

4. Place a jug of water in the refrigerator with some slices of cucumber, lemons, limes or fresh mint. Not only are you flavouring your water naturally, but you also get the added value of the fruit or vegetables you are adding to the water. Would you like to take the jug to work but you’re not sure how? Put your water, some ice and your sliced fruit in a large mason jar with a lid. The ice will help to keep it cool and you can continue refill the jar at work as you drink the water down.

Set an intention for the week to drink more water. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific amount to be progress. Enjoy!

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