Alice & Kelly’s Wedding

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Alice & Kelly’s Wedding

October 4th was a wild day for weather but a beautiful day for Alice & Kelly’s wedding. This lovely couple got married and Mother Nature behaved during the most important parts of the day. The ceremony was beautiful and dinner went off without having to provide little umbrellas for all the food.

Shortly after 12:30 the ceremony took place at the bride’s parent’s home in North Bay. A heartfelt and warm ceremony in the backyard the couple’s closest family and friends in attendance. “Pick a seat, not a side” was the perfect reminder that two young people were joining their lives to become one family. What a lovely way to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Two Families Become One

Two Families Become One


The Reception

Situated in beautiful Corbeil, ON the wedding reception took place at the groom’s parent’s home. The house features a wonderful pond in the front by the road, “rock gardens” everywhere and the perfect location for an outdoor, casual and comfortable wedding. The backyard was set up like a Main street of many small towns. As we had a tremendous amount of rain before the wedding, Dad and his Sons laid a layer of straw down to make the area more comfortable for the guests. What came of the straw was a happenchance and very harmonious roadway through the main street.

With the main tent to the left and tented/sheltered food stations, bar and coffee shop to the right, guests were protected for the most part by winds coming in from the North. The roadway ended up at one of the most beautiful and warm bonfires I have ever seen. Guests wandered around the grounds carefree and comfortable.

Alice and Kelly heart rock

Kelly & Alice’s Wedding

Kelly’s parents and family painted (as a special surprise to Alice) blue hearts with their initials on many of the rocks around the property, by the waterfall and along the driveway. What a wonderful surprise. Decorations were simple and from the heart. Alice created hundreds of small mason jars tied off with so many styles of ribbon that her Grandmother had given her. Bull rushes, grasses and colourful fall leaves made wonderful post covers for the tents and layered slivers of maple made wonderful centerpieces when paired with the special mason jars. Once the sun began to set, lights sparkled everywhere; mason jars, tents, trees, and in the sky the stars came out to join the party.

Soft, creamy and one of my favourites!

Humboldt Fog Cheese

Savoir Faire Catering had the honour of catering the special day. Food service was very casual by having food stations inside the main tent as well as outside on the “main street”.

The starter course consisted of rustic cheese platters served on marble slabs, and large teak cheese boards. Humboldt Fog, a wonderful goat cheese with Blue-ish characteristics is one of my favourite cheeses. We soon discovered it had become a new favourite of many of the guests. Served alongside the cheese were varieties of interesting and unique biscuits and crackers. From Pumpkin and Cranberry Diva Chips to the new crepe wafers adding textural contrast to the cheeses and definitely not like your typical cheese tray from a deli. Kelly and Alice wanted to share their appreciation for rustic cheeses with their guests and I did my best to find cheeses that would tantalize and please most pallets.

Colourful vegetable trays were displayed at the various food stations featuring the season’s great and colourful vegetables. Included in the mix of vegetables were purple and white carrots, tri-coloured micro tomatoes, orange cauliflower, purple, green and yellow beans – all ready for a fresh dill & vegetable dip.

Dinner consisted of Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup with Carrot Crisps, Greek Yoghurt and Cilantro for garnish at one station.  BBQ’d lamb kebobs with  Tzatziki Sauce and Garlic Aoili, Caesar Salad with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano at a station. Cranberry and maple glazed turkey with rustic tomato salad. And finally, BBQ’d striploin, fresh Chiabatta buns and horseradish sauce rounded up the final food station.

Tradition thrown to the side when it came to the cake, the couple opted for a small carrot cake that they could keep and bring home as they were not going to cut into it at the wedding. We had slices of carrot cake on a lovely tiered cake stand and served up fresh and piping hot coffee and tea to the guests to round off their dinner. I have to admit though – the cake was cut into by the end of the night. The bride and groom must have wanted a slice after all,  before they went home for the night.

Flying Wish Laterns are always so beautiful but when you see a large number of them leave at the same time the site is quite spectacular. Giving a lantern to many of the guests, bride and groom let theirs go followed by both sets of parents and finally by the rest of the guests. BEAUTIFUL.

caesar station2

Caesar Station. Ready mixed Caesars made bar service quick and efficient. All we had to do was add the vodka or serve them non-alcoholic.

Alice and kelly - boat of beer

A boat load of beer and wine. An old fiberglass boat was loaded with ice, beer, coolers and wine. Quick and speedy for service. At night, we surrounded the edges with battery operated LED lights

The bar area consisted of a 14 ft fiberglass boat filled with ice, beer, coolers and wine. We set up a Caesar station, and an area where guests could mix their own beverages. By offering a large variety of juices and sodas, we were able to serve the guests at the bar faster and keep everyone happy. We also know that a lot of people are designated drivers and it’s nice to have a variety of beverages for them to consume that they don’t have to pay for. A very simple and cost effective way of managing a very worthwhile designated driver program.

All in all, the wedding was spectacular, the guests friendly, family inviting and warm but most of all, the bride and groom were the center of attention and a joy to work with. My love to Kelly and Alice and I wish you both a life time of happiness and health.

They were the life of their party. Be the Life of Your Party


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